What to Expect When You Hire an Insurance Fraud Investigator

13 Dec

Insurance fraud is any act committed by an individual with the intention of acquiring payment from an insurer using deceitful or deceptive means. These cases have always been in existence since the introduction of insurance companies, but are ever increasing as the years pass by. Fraudulent claims cause significant losses to insurance companies every year, and that's all the reasons you need to safeguard your money if you suspect that you have been or are being deceived by a person.

Fraudulent claims are of varying sorts, ranging from simple forms as exaggerated details to severe cases of staging accidents and causing harm. If at all you feel that something feels wrong with an insurance claim, you must contact an insurance fraud investigator immediately to help you confirm or dismiss your fears for respective action.

When you consult an Insurance Fraud Investigator, they first analyze the insurance claim presented thoroughly to decide whether an insurance claim is genuine or not. If they feel that the application is not straightforward, they move to the next step which is a covert surveillance operation. Covert surveillance services include; mobile surveillance, static surveillance, and covert electronic surveillance.

The covert surveillance teams make use of unmarked cars, vans or motorcycles to investigate the persons suspected to give inaccurate information. They also use cameras and videos to collect useful details that may be used as evidence for a particular case if need be in a court of law. Discover more facts about insurance at http://edition.cnn.com/2017/10/19/health/insurance-life-death-minorities/index.html.

Static surveillance is done form an unmarked building or vehicles and use cameras and videos as well to collect evidence. Any information obtained through this method is usually gathered and presented in the form a DVD for use at a later date.

With covert electronic surveillance, discreet cameras can be used to record people coming from or going to a particular area, that is, a workplace or residential area. The cameras used in this operation usually have date and time features to stamp material that the investigators feel is of use to a particular case.

After exhaustive Insurance Fraud Investigation are carried out to ascertain whether the claim is genuine or not, they give their reports to the insurance company and supporting evidence where applicable to proceed to the next stage. With all the materials in their hands, if a person made dishonest claims, an insurance company may choose to confront an individual or pursue the matter in a court of law with the help of their lawyers depending on the severity of the issue.

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